Miranda Cosgrove Nude

Nickelodeon is not as good as Disney in discovering potential celebrity sluts, the most notable being Britney Spears, Lindsay Lohan, and other household names that have scandalized their way into the Hollywood Walk of Shame. No, Nick doesn’t have that knack, but it does have rising young beauties like Miranda Cosgrove, star of the eponymous TV show “iCarly”. We can all ignore the fact that, like all Nick and Disney actors, Miranda’s acting is as frilly and exaggerated as a monkey in a tutu, but in cooking up scandals and controversies, she looks about ripe for the picking.

Of course, they all start out innocently enough. Everyone will know Miranda Cosgrove for her major debut in acting as the prissy Summer Hathaway, class factotum and appointed band manager in “School of Rock”, starring Jack Black in 2003. This was followed in the following year with her role as Megan Parker in the Nickelodeon series “Drake and Josh”. It was in 2007 that Miranda earned her own TV series in Nick, “iCarly”, as a teenager who hosts her own web show with her two best friends. She also debuted her career as a singer in the show, performing its theme song entitled “Leave It All To Me”. The show’s soundtrack followed in 2008, its four-track ensemble sung by Miranda. She is set to release her full-length solo album sometime soon.

The painful thing for fans of Miranda Cosgrove is that she is still a couple of years from legal partying and clubbing, and consequently, from drunken titty slips, upskirts, and scandalous rows in public that the paparazzi’s unblinking eye (or should I say lens) never misses. But living in a generation where the boundaries of age and sex are bent and reshaped to defiantly form a giant middle finger towards conformity and rigid puritanism does have its benefits. What the fuck I’m talking about is this bunch of just discovered sleaze on Miranda Cosgrove, all decorated with signs of future sluttiness and admirable salutes to the predecessors of skankiness in ol’ Tinseltown. Of course, it’s only Miranda Cosgrove Nude that you’ll find these pictures of her, fresh off the meat slut factory. No need for utensils guys; down and dirty’s what works here.