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Miranda will want to suck cock soon

Tuesday, December 1st, 2009

One thing you can’t overlook with pretty Miranda Cosgrove is that wide mouth of hers. Sure, she makes that wide, charming smile, but that isn’t exactly the reason why we noticed, am I right? With practice, she can wrap her lips around three fully hard cocks at once and provide equal pleasure with each one. And I’m sure with all that sexual energy finally let loose when she turns eighteen, the learning curve will be a breeze; I’ll be right there to assist her, one hand on my dick, the other behind her head, pushing her to gag on my cumstick. Her pussy might need to take its time, though; multiple penetration, after all, takes at least a dick and a half to accomplish. But we’ll wait, Miranda, we’ll wait. We’ll be like a flock of patient, eager birdies, leaning in closer and closer until we can have a peck at those goods of hers when the clock officially chimes, “legal!” For now, though, have a gander at these untouched, naked pictures of Miranda Cosgrove, as a sort of teaser for what’s to come.

Miranda Cosgrove is almost ready to fuck

Tuesday, December 1st, 2009

What makes a plain pervert a pedophile? If he becomes too impatient to wait a few years, of course. Why am I cracking such a politically incorrect (and lame-ass) joke? Because Miranda Cosgrove Nude might also appeal to the cradle snatchers out there, as we explore our favorite celebrity in her preparation for skankerhood. Now, don’t hate on me, hypocrites; to each his own is what I always say. But whatever our preference, we’re all united by Miranda’s tender and nubile body that’s just about ready to be stripped. And look at our pretty whoreling, all rosy-cheeked and innocent beside her birthday cupcakes. Fuck her and her pretenses, right? I’ll eat my hat if she hasn’t had some underage cock in between those legs of hers already. Ah, kids today: you can never tell a virgin anymore by the way they walk, huh? On the surface, chastity is still cool, but when the old folks are snoring in their beds, teen sex becomes hot on the plate. But don’t get me wrong, I’m a proponent of liberalism, free beer, and pussies flying left and right. Again, to each his own.

But screw all this politically inept business of taking sides; we’re talking Miranda Cosgrove Pussy here! Pretty soon, she’ll go full steam ahead with the “mature roles”, and we won’t be left with scraps of pussy pics and naked shots of Miranda Cosgrove anymore. But don’t pass on the goods on the table, guys. There’s still a sizeable score of pussy waiting for you past the link. And no labels here, we’re all equal in our search for Miranda’s naked pictures. Although ‘horny’ would probably be a good fit for all of us.

Early teasers of Miranda's pussy

Tuesday, December 1st, 2009

Miranda sure is shaping up pretty nicely. ‘Pretty nicely’, meaning, she’s headed in the right direction to sluttiness, akin to her big celebrity sisters Britney and Lindsay. She’s still a little too young, but that’s what makes her so damn precious. Just a couple calendars more and she’ll switch right over to the darker, albeit more flavorful, half of Hollywood: sex, drugs, and partying, oh yeah. It won’t take too long until her clean act gets messed up and she turns into a cum dumpster for gossip and scandal… and cum, of course. It’s an inescapable fact that celebrities who let fame get to their heads eventually lose their heads over it, turn themselves inside out, and be a piece of meat for dickheads and actual dicks to prod.

But who’s complaining here? I’m actually pleased Miranda has already taken a few steps ahead of what’s predicted to come, posting photos of her naked and untouched pussy on the net. In a world where denying rumours and scandals only make things worse, it’s a good move for her to simply get ahead of those merciless paps and display her pussy with pride. Now that she’s done her part, you should too, which is to gawk and jack off to those pictures.